We commit with environment and society, caring also for economic viability of our business. We want to create value alongside the value chain and for all the stakeholders involved, from field to fork.
We control the whole production process, from the selection of raw materials to the logistic shipment, also ensuring the excellence of our processes, products, and services.


We commit to quality and food safety, from the selection of raw materials to bottling and delivering.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality guarantee to our customers following the quality parameters in accordance with EEC Reg. 2104/2022, 2105/2022 and subsequent amendments, and with the COI commercial regulations.

Moreover, to confirm that the oil is suitable for use and meets the quality parameters, it is subjected to:

1. A preventive panel test, directly in the laboratories of the customs agencies.

2. A second panel test by a certified body.

3. Chemical analysis when they arrive at our factory..

4. Chemical analysis when they leave our factory..


We are fully aware of our impact on the area in which we work in and, as a food products distributing company of our role in spreading and promoting healthy lifestyles.

This is the reason behind our commitment with society, which we materialize with:

  • Local commitment: Baena and Andalusia. We work with local suppliers, we promote local partnerships and sponsorships, while promoting our land abroad.
  • Health and healthy lifestyles. Quality, food safety and promoting healthy lifestyles among our stakeholders.

All of it caring for our core engine: our people.