We are located in Baena, right in the center of Andalusia, the Mediterranean heart of Southern Spain's and one of the main olive oil producing areas in Spain and globally. Our hometown, Baena, also gives its name to de Designation of Origin Baena, the oldest and most important certification of origin in Spain, and the world’s biggest D.O.P. Area. 2016 set a changing point in our journey, we strategically moved our financial and corporative services to Seville, to stay close to the corporate heart of Andalusia.
Where are we
In the world
We export to more than 45 countries worldwide. Our exporting business represents more than 50% of our turnover and our business figures are growing double digits each year. To respond to the demand in our overseas core markets, USA and Canada, we partner with overseas distributing companies:Farm's Elite and Delizia Depot.