25 de September de 2023

What is an olive oil mill?

An olive oil mill plays a crucial role in the production of this golden elixir,, which is a fundamental ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine and in many […]
21 de September de 2023

Organoleptic analysis Oil ABASA RESERVA 2023

The organoleptic parameters of a virgin olive oil are the reflection of a thorough sensory analysis that includes visual, olfactory, gustatory and tactile aspects. This study, known […]
13 de September de 2023

Spain leads olive oil exports to the U.S.

According to information provided by Interprofesional del Aceite de Oliva de España, in the first quarter of 2023, Spanish olive oil exports to the United States amounted […]
28 de August de 2023

Why does oil foam when frying?

When frying food in oil, you are likely to notice a foam forming on the surface. But what causes this phenomenon and why does it happen? […]
14 de August de 2023

Expiration date and best-before date of EVOO

Have you ever wondered if extra virgin olive oil expires? Find out the answer in this article! One of the characteristics of EVOO is its non-perishable […]
10 de August de 2023

Differences between filtered and unfiltered olive oil

What is the difference between filtered and unfiltered extra virgin olive oil? In the exciting world of gastronomy, few things compare with extra virgin olive oil […]
28 de July de 2023

Aceites ABASA rises to 31st place in the “Ranking of Exporting Companies in Andalusia “.

Aceites ABASA achieves the 31st position in the XIII edition of the Ranking of Exporting Companies in Andalusia, of the magazine Andalucía Económica. In this way, it surpasses the […]
25 de July de 2023

How many times can olive oil be reused?

Olive oil, prized for its distinctive flavor and health benefits, is a fundamental ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine, so you’ve probably wondered how many times you can […]
13 de July de 2023

Tips for preserving olive oil in summer

Summer brings high temperatures and this poses an additional challenge for olive oil lovers. As the thermometer rises, the quality and freshness of this valuable culinary […]
5 de July de 2023

Olive oil: the perfect ally for a healthy lifestyle

Olive oil has been recognized over the centuries as a true culinary treasure and a valuable health elixir. Beyond its exquisite taste and versatility in the […]